Below are details of QUORUM 2010-11, which offered an exciting series of challenging academic papers and a presentation by artist Bobby Baker. Abstracts and speakers’ bios are not available.

The QUORUM Committee for 2010-11 were:

  • Margherita Laera
  • Sophie Leighton Kelly
  • Elyssa Livergant,
  • Brian Lobel,
  • Saini Manninen

Wednesday 6th October 2010

Dr Dominic Johnson, Queen Mary University

Signs of Life: Live Art and Body Modification


Wednesday 6th October 2010

Professor Peter Fleming, Queen Mary University

Recalibrating Resistance in the Bio-Political Workplace


Wednesday 17th November 2010

Dr Peter Boenisch, University of Kent

The Act of Spectating. Some Thoughts on the Audience’s Experience in Contemporary Theatre


Wednesday 1st December 2010

Dr Lourdes Orozco, University of Leeds

Never Work with Children and Animals: Risk, Mistake and the Real in Performance


Wednesday 15th December 2010

Dr Michael McKinnie, Queen Mary University

Performance Sites, Cultural Heritage, and the Spatial Imaginary of Public Policy


Wednesday 19th January 2011

Dr Silvija Jestrovic, Warwick University

City-as-body: Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo and Beyond


Wednesday 2nd February 2011

Dr Eirini Kartsaki, Queen Mary University 

Repeat Repeat: Endings


Wednesday 16th February 2011

Dr Laura Cull, Northumbria University

Theatres of Immanence: Deleuze and the ethics of performance


Wednesday 10th March 2011

Dr Bobby Baker, Queen Mary University

Durational Sit-Down Chit Chat


Wednesday 16th March 2011

Dr Rachel Zerihan, Sheffield University

One-to-one: A Strange Duet


Wednesday 30th March 2011

Dr Aoife Monks, Birkbeck University

The Secret Life of Actors